Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Carolinas and a Virginia

My time in the south has only been too brief.  For every place I stop, I learn of four more places I want to explore.  There's so much I had to drive by that I still want to see: Savannah in Georgia, Charleston in South Carolina, Salem in North Carolina, and Jamestown in Virginia - but limitations in time, places to stay, and dollars left me feeling cheated of a proper stay down south.  Oh well.  I did steal enough time to stretch my legs for a quick hike in Congaree Swamp just outside of Columbia - a much tamer swamp than the one I enjoyed outside of New Orleans, but mysterious and beautiful all the same.

I had to make a last minute Couch Surfing request and secured a place to stay with a middle aged magician in Charlotte.  He had fallen in love with a Blend-Tec blender and at times I felt like I had walked into an infomercial:  "You like that pineapple juice?  I blended it with the skin too.  Only way to get all the vitamins.  Completely pulverized!"

I resisted asking him to perform some magic and my patience was rewarded with some really great sleight of hand.  Despite my instense scrutiny, not once did he falter or let a reasonable assumption of how his tricks were accomplished and I was left repeatedly aghast at his easy dismissal of spacial causality and reason.

Continuing northward still, I spent a little time in Richmond, Virginia, trying to make up for lost southern history in the Museum of the Confederacy and then the church where Patrick Henry gave his "give me liberty or give me death" speech.  I pressed on to D.C. where I'm to spend a week between friends I made in Chicago and Florence, Italy.

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