Thursday, July 16, 2009

I tried to swim to Africa

...but didn't quite make it.

I have mentioned to a few of you that my affection for a city can grow to the point where I have this impossible desire to make the idea of a city into a blanket and then roll around in it - very much as a dog who finds a particularly pleasing smell does. I became very close to achieving this in Barcelona. A friend I made from Denmark found a rental bicycle that had been discarded for its being broken. The rear brake was entirely dysfunctional, but the front worked just fine when pulled at the correct angle. We went out and had a very full helping of Tapas and Sangria. The bike ride afterward was majestic. Until that moment, I had very much forgotten just how much I love to bicycle, and to do so while tipsy in beautiful Barcelona - it felt very much like the city was simply washing over me.

Oh yeah, Paris says hello. Happy Bastille day.


Susan Harris said...


Stephan said...

It's true James Bond shorts... You should have seen the pictures I took of Matthews doing the "James Bond thing" :-)

Terri said...

People... stop with the comments. Be grateful! He COULD have been wearing itty-bitty Speedos.

Anna the Gleeb said...

I think they are euro-perfect.

I hope you visit Africa some other time. I think you and me and Susan should all go there together.


Susan Harris said...

Just to clarify, my shorts remark was made in a spirit of utter glee.