Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My blog will be temporarily un-cancelled whenever I make a post

My backpack is quite heavy but should get lighter as I plow through paperback novels and the 30-some Clif Bars I brought with me. My walking muscles are getting very strong.

My favorite place in the world so far: the Wienerwald (Vienna Woods). Never have I so greatly desired to capture a smell the way a camera does an image - the scent is so clean it is sweet.

So far I'm thoroughly enjoying all the things I've planned to do, but none of it quite compares to the small but beautiful surprises I just happen to come across. To be taking a stroll in what seems a typical park and then happen upon a crumbling but intimidatingly large ruin from the Roman empire being retaken by greenery is nothing short of amazing. I've not been gone long, but I feel like I'm swelling with positivity and I'm excited for everything.

Also, I now have a tentative return date. I plan on coming back to the States in early August, after meeting Alan Jern in Amsterdam. I will have more beard and less money. Come have a glass of wine with me on the boat I'll be living on in Dana Point.


Terri said...

Matt, Weinerwald does not sound like an acceptable place for a vegan. You should visit Tofugarten instead. HEY, if you get to Munich, you absolutely MUST sit in a biergarten and drink beers the size of kegs. It will develop your biceps and make you strong!

Anna said...

Golly, that isn't even unsoon. I will happily visit your boat. I am glad you will be carrying Alan Germs to share, because I am not going to get to see him this summer :(

Matteo Feo said...

Mm... Ich liebe bier.