Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hallo Alles

The first night I awoke and could not place myself. 'Where am I?' I wondered. I took account of the darkened white walls and my strange beddings and realized, 'oh, I am in Germany.' My being jetlagged and the sound of the cars passing on the kinderkopfen (children's heads) cobblestone outside my window - which sounded peculiarly like the distant swell of cheering crowds, exciting me each time - kept me from further rest.The first two days of my trip have been spent largely in transit. My ten hour flight and eight hour train ride from Frankfurt to Passau had been bookended with toiling in airports and trainstations, leaving me witha now fleeting resentment of chairs, but both tgrips have been punctuated with suprises of the like I had never experienced. Seeing the Atlantic Ocean becoming all at once consumed bz the brown-green patchwork of Ireland and then Great Britain from a non-Google Earth perspective prettz much made mz heart stop. And the view from the train rarelz dissapointed. At 200 kilometers per hour, Germanz is the greenest landscape I've ever seen, betrazing mz expectations from the world's largest industrial exporter, and all along the hills overlooking the Main river sat crooked old fortresses, practicallz spilling over from the steep surfaces on which thez were built. It felt as if historz was in the air and it filled my lungs. Exciting. I couldn't help but feel like there were peasants and barbarians behind every forest carpeted hill. out of time. this kezboard sucks hard. no usb plug for photos either. Wedersehen.


Susan Harris said...

shit. I'm so excited for you.

Sean said...

Cheesy as fuck. What happened to the "y" ?


Sam and Sean.

PS Is it Friday over there?

PPS My captcha says "aphty."

PPPS What the fuck is an "aphty?"

PPPPS Sean and I both know, as demonstrated 2/3 of the time in this message, that punctuation belongs inside quotations. However, for the first usage, I suggested he put the question mark outside the quotations. So there.

anna said...

This is awesome. I approve of this blog.

P.S. My captcha is "vaphir", which I imagine is an animal that drinks only dugh.

Matteo Feo said...

@ Sam and Sean

Yeah... I think I was kind of trying to be sillily poetic, but I didnt have the time to commit to it properly, and I kind of really felt that way... so I fail.